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My Desk 07/07/2010

1. One word: IRS

2.Combining two habits, Dr. Pepper and Sunflower Seeds. BOOHYAHHH!

3.Mail from Janurary on? Storyboards, scripts, but mainly...credit card apps.

4.Production book from an Adidas job I worked. Great reference material for how it all came together.

5. NETFLIX cd of 'Defiance' I've had for 3 weeks? Still unseen.

6.GREAT website that gave me this idea. www.annieblogs.com. Discovered via Jeremy Cowart Twitter.

7. 50mm 1.8 lens I was using for something a couple days ago?

8. Birthday card from Jenn G. on top a stack of random free CD's I'm HOPING to find some gems in. 1st is Chelsea Williams Decoration Isle. Google her for me!

9. Sssssstupid old phone I'm forced to use. PS: Don't take smart phones into the ocean. There not smart enough to swim.

10. My very own Movie Critic book. I rate, rant and rave about the movies I see. Good for when I'm old and need something to read out on the porch.


And for those of you English majors/nerds...I'm not an editor. I'm a bad speller. There's a difference.  I hate rereading what I've written for the pure joy of spell checking my stupidididdity. :):)

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