Danny Jones Photography


A giggle a day keeps the doctor away.

I love a good movie and if a trailer does it's job, I could watch it repeatedly. This first teaser for the animated film Secret Life of Pet's captures so many of the character traits of random pets that you can't help but smile.  And the Minion's? Don't get me started. So hilarious!!  Love it!  So what's better than a good trailer and a fun movie?  Well different Cinemagraphs of them of coarse!  What is a Cinemagraph?  Well it's a still image that has repetitive movement in it.  I love them and if they are well done they can convey the energy, theme and in this case comedic moments a film is aiming to achieve.  Below are some Cinemagraphs I've created from each movie.  Enjoy!!



The Secret Life of Pets
Weiner Dog Blender Masssage
   Or the MINIONS!



Table Tennis Minion
Dracula Fights against the Light