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Hammer Time

I don't spend enough time in museums. Every time I go to a museum I'm reminded of this sad fact. It's not that I don't want to, it's just that I'm...well I'm LAZY, apparently.  If you're gonna be lazy, why not do it in a Museum. It's the perfect place!  And it's free? Say whaaaaat? OKAY, I'm in.  I recently heard on KCRW ( local public radio station) of a great little exhibit happening at the Hammer Museum entitled "Perfect Likeness, Photography and Composition". Having never spent time at the Hammer I decided to chance traffic and run over to the west side.  What a pleasant surprise.  From the modern architectural design, to the attractive, peaceful layout...and the courtyard, the courtyard has these amazing, fun, functional, chairs that double as art pieces that demand you take them for a spin.  Literally.   So apparently one of the best people watching locations has to be at a museum, hands down.  A place for people of all types to go relax, self educate, find peace, be inspired, rediscover what you love, discover what you hate, and form opinions on so many different things. I loved it and can't wait till next time. If you haven't been to the Hammer Museum, GET UP and GO. What are you waiting for?  No, seriously, stop reading. Look at the rest of the blog, ofcoarse, but then ya, seriously, Google the address and get over there.

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