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No Film School = Always Film School

I love being constantly curious because it usually means I'm constantly learning and when you're constantly learning, you're constantly growing.  And while learning is not always fun, it's always a good thing and it's never boring. That's sort of the goal right, to never be bored?  *cue Russell Crowe's 'Maximus' in Gladiator: "Are you not entertained!!".   You know what I do when I'm bored? I sleep.  And you know why I sleep?  Because I have an fantastic dream life.  These dreams are often like movies...very cinematic, crazy, funny, personal and inspiring...never boring.  I love that.  I love to be inspired.  I love movies that are inspiring and I love the film makers that make them. They are courageous, curious, aware, hard working, collaborative and have opinions.  As you'll notice, I post a lot of short films that I find moving, well done and inspiring in a variety of ways. I do this over lunch.  Nope, that doesn't matter but the painted picture of my reality sometime around noon'sh'sh is this.  I watch Vimeo or check out Fubiz.net when I'm trying to cure the 'hangry' moments of my life over some seriously tasty soup and sandwich action.  I love spending my time this way. TV reruns? Nope. Facebook? How dare you.  I want a story or an interesting moving visual to enrapture me.  So I do it. And then...well THEN, I love to learn about how it was done! Seriously, it's the best.  One of the best websites I've discovered that often has amazing little tid bits that help me achieve this is www.nofilmschool.com.  Because they understand the power of curiosity and that by simply watching a film or a Behind the Scenes segment, or reading an article on industry peeps, I'm going to learn.  I highly suggest you check'm out, subscribe to their email list and start watching, reading, learning and then...doing. I know. I know.  "Dude, take your own advice!".  I am. I will. I'm going to! I'm going to try. But first off, in case you are sitting down for lunch, check out the following link that is a hilarious and informative Q&A with John Krasinski and Thomas Middleditch (whom both had films at Sundance this year) offering Advice to Aspiring Creatives. (It's just under an hour long, yes, I know. SORRY! But it's worth it for the pure entertainment value alone) Check it out!  I'm gonna go have some desert now.