Danny Jones Photography


Two words: Title Sequence.

There are many types of professional's and artists involved in the film making process each dedicating their time and many talents to making the cinematic experience one that inspires you to come back time and again.  One of my personal favorite parts of the movie going experience is enjoying a well done Title Sequence of a film.  From the second the lights go down I find myself open and willing to take an emotional journey.  A well done title sequence is the door we walk through, taking our first steps into an imaginary world designed specifically for our entertainment.  A powerful title sequence is often a reflection of the people involved in a production and a way to measure the quality of a film that's about to play out in front of you.  Films like Seven, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Catch Me If You Can, Fight Club, Lord of War, Casino, Napoleon Dynamite and Mad Men, all have strong title sequences that introduced us to themes, story elements, style choices and more importantly the passion of a hard working producer willing to dedicate money to the details of a well done film. 

I'd like to add to the list accomplishments The Mill's opening title sequence of Netflix's, Marco Polo.  Having worked next to The Mill folks on set in the commercial world I can say they are some of the nicest and most confident collaborators.  Always looking for a solution and wanting to say "yes" to any obstacle that needs to be digitally over come. The Marco Polo title sequence work is creative, beautiful, artistic, sensual, dramatic and edgy.  Lending to the goals I believe the show is attempting to achieve, they serve their purpose well.  I never fail to be inspired and entranced by this sequence every time I sit down to watch an episode.  Goal achieved my friends, well played.

If you'd like to check out The Mill's blog to read AND watch how it was done then follow this link: http://www.themill.com/millchannel/26/marco-polo-title-sequence-

If you just want to watch, then check out the title sequence below followed by the Behind The Scenes video to see how it was done.