Danny Jones Photography


"The Martian" VFX breakdown

As of right now, we can't go to Mars to make a film. I mean, well, we probably could. That's probably the only way we are going to get there actually.  James Cameron is going to go there and shoot Avatar 4 because, well because he can do anything apparently.  Until then, we have Ridley Scott and his cinematic version of a great book, The Martian. I wasn't a fan of the film. The book was much better and the fact that it was nominated for 'best comedy' at the Golden Globes makes perfect sense because it's comical it was nominated at all. Don't get me wrong, it's an entertaining film and I paid to see it unfortunately, but Oscar worthy? Come on now.  All that being said, the amount of work that went into this film, like any other, is impressive.  I've always loved VFX breakdown's of films.  These little pieces of 'behind the scenes' heaven show you how how some of the movie magic was pulled off.  The crew at MPC did an amazing job and the following video is proof. If you liked The Martian, you'll like this. Check it out!!  PS: (There are spoilers of sorts, so if you haven't seen it...viewer beware!)