Danny Jones Photography


Watch out world...Jannica Olin is here.

Every day I work, I'm privileged to meet some of the most interesting and talented actors in the world.  Some are famous, some are aspiring to be and some are just trying to pay their bills. The best of them are down to earth, hard working, funny, caring, smart, and kind people. And some of them...well some of them are pretty much the opposite of all the above.  My personal favorites are those who see the job for what it is and realize there are in fact bigger things in life than being an actor in a commercial about Nike shoes, Iphones or BMW's. They tend to understand the importance of being happy in life, savoring every moment and when possible spreading the love to all who want to receive it.  Jannica Olin is one of those.  She understands the power of love, the power of having confidence and doing what you can to help others attain it by just being giving, thoughtful, considerate, funny, courageous and pretty much just an awesome example of a human being all around.  Choosing how to define herself by choosing wisely in her actions, being encouraging with her words and somehow always open to the hearts around her. Yes, these are just a few of the characteristics you'll encounter if you stumble across this bald beauty.  Yes. She has Alopecia. Nope. It does not define her, not in the least. It just happens to be apart of who she is, because she understands the power of being unique and special.  She understands many things. She knows her smile will say more about her than her hair, or the lack of it, ever could. She knows the power of a sincere hug when you say hello and goodbye.  She understands that a good pet can help ease the day of just about anybody.  She knows that a firm handshake tells you she mean's business.  She has zero doubt about how awesome it feels to be surrounded by good friends and to invite and support others who may be looking for that friendship.  And this girl is not afraid to be damn sexy.  Give her a chance to make a bold choice and she will jump at it.  

And that's what we mutually decided to do. After a chat here, a chat there, yet another fun, bold decision was made about an adventure in the day of they life of Ms. Olin.  The following are a few of the photos that resulted from a fun afternoon during a hot summer's day where we let the creative winds take us on a small, courageous, adventure of photographic experimentation, starring Ms. Jannica Olin.